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The new benchmark for p2e yield in the Galaxy Dwarf world
  • All NFTs backed with ETH
  • Yield Farming in play2earn form
  • All characters are unique NFTs that might be upgraded to increase value
900 NFT characters in the prize pool
Win NFT dwarf worth from $5 to $60 for FREE!


You can buy dwarves at the best price
All NFTs are unique objects created by a neural network and fully backed by ETH
This is the first round of discount sales

9.47 USD
64.21 USD
157.5 USD
393.77 USD
984.42 USD
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Play2Earn NFT game 100% backed with ETH ensures instant profits

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Explore planets to find game token RAD with the aim to gather enough fuel to reach the neo-golden asteroid.

All coins from the ETH fund are used in yield farming in AAVE and Compound while the game is in process.

Players are rewarded subject to the amount of mined Radiant. They are awarded once the Ethereum price reaches a certain mark and the farming fund opens

Players can also earn by improving and reselling NFTs within the inside game market or the secondary market.

There are 2 NFT elements in the game (ERC-721)

character with a tool
A Floating Island
  • Play on familiar
    Unity engine

    Each user will be able to join Matchmaking or Single surviving games to be first on the weekly Top leaderboards or win a part of the global ETH pool.

  • Get your
    Galaxy Dwarf

    Open a NFTcraft account and get your
    unique Galaxy Dwarf and Island!

  • Level-up your
    Galaxy Dwarf to earn more

    The more you play and the better your results are, the more you gain. The best users will be highly rewarded!


Q2-Q3 2021
Alpha 1.0
  • MVP on Polygon
  • Game Tokenomic
  • Alpha-testing on real players
  • Basic Marketing Packaging
  • Security audit of the main smart contract
Q4 2021
Alpha 2.0
  • MVP in web-version
  • Daily login rewards
  • Player rewards system
  • In-game marketplace
  • Initial NFT sales
  • Player tournament
  • Unity gameplay MVP
Q1 2022
Beta 1.0
  • Game engine migration
  • New terrain release
  • Unity and system development
  • Mainnet build
  • Unity gameplay
Q2 2022
Beta release
  • Planetary storyline release
  • Decentralized governance system
  • Additional items and in-game pets
  • Mainnet build release
  • Unity gameplay
Q3-Q4 2022
Metaverse edition
  • More quests for rewards
  • Mobile game alpha release
  • NFT-based derivatives on in-game assets
  • Social features in gameplay


The gameplay is Ethereum extracting where the speed is subject to the luck and player’ strategy. All major objects in the game are evolving ERC-721 NFT tokens. In the in-game metaverse, you are looking for Radian, depending on the collected share of which you will receive a share of the neo-golden asteroid with Ethereum. You also collect various resources besides the main token of the RAD project which can be used for character/tool buffs and for building custom NFT objects.

Connect your Metamask wallet to the game, select a character, island or ticket. Now you can start your mission in the aim to find as many RAD as you can in the expanses of NFTcraft.

Make sure you are on the official NFTcraft website -
When you open the site, the browser will automatically offer to connect the Metamask wallet. Click ‘’ Connect’’.

Select "Settings" from the drop-down menu.
On the settings page, find the "Networks" item.
Click "Add Network" in the upper right corner to add Polygon manually - it is not connected to MetaMask by default. Below are the parameters that you need to specify for each of them.

Network name: Matic Network
Network ID: 137
Symbol: MATIC
Block Explorer URL:

Use bridge
When using a bridge, do not change the Transfer Mode.
By default, POS is used for all tokens (input 5-10 minutes, withdrawal 3 hours) When using the Plasma Bridge type, the withdrawal of tokens will take 7 days.

Commissions are paid by the network token - MATIC. Commissions are very low and even 1 MATIC (1.3$) is enough for a long time.

There are 5 types of dwarves and 5 types of islands. Common, uncommon, epic, legendary.
The rarer the island you come across, the more Radiant it contains in relation to the price of the island. If you spent 1 MATIC, then the amount of Radiant on this island is from 1 to 2. If you choose an ordinary island, then it can contain from 0.5 to 1 Radiant.
The higher the class of the dwarf, the stronger it is and the more Radiant with greater speed the dwarf can get. The strongest dwarf with the most powerful pumping can dig up 100% of the island.
The dwarf can be upgraded, the level of upgrading the dwarf is limited by its core level. Force, energy and a pickaxe are integral parameters, on the sum of which the total strength of the dwarf depends

You can increase the mining speed thanks to the rubies contains in ordinary islands
1 Ruby increases the character's force by 20% for 900 seconds
2 Rubies increase the character's force by 50% for 900 seconds
3 Rubies increase the character's force by 80% for 900 seconds

The private round of token sale is ongoing now!

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